Admissions Decisions

Decision Timing and Notification The Bay School faculty makes all admissions decisions, taking a primary role in evaluating applications and considering an applicant’s motivation and learning style in relationship to the school’s pedagogy.

Decisions for Early Childhood are based on school readiness and social behavior. Decisions for the grade school are based on the child’s past educational experience, academic abilities and potential, and classroom and social behavior. Common evaluation criteria include the applicant’s “fit” in the social balance of the classroom and the family’s support for the school’s philosophy.

Only complete applications (interview, application, fee, school records and visit) will be considered. The Bay School conducts three rounds of admission followed by rolling admissions. Note that these rounds are different from the Financial Aid rounds. Admission rounds begin March 1st and end in May. Rolling admissions begin with all applications complete after June 1st.

Waiting Pool Status Children who are accepted but cannot be admitted due to lack of space will be placed in a class waiting pool. Spaces do open up over the summer as families change their plans or move from the area.

Decisions to offer a place are not based on a first-come, first-served basis. Should a place open in a class with a waiting pool, the Director and the faculty or class teacher will consider the pool using a variety of criteria including an accepted applicant’s past enrollment, sibling enrollment, and the social balance of the class, to name a few. If we decide to offer an open spot to your child, we will notify you immediately. Students who remain in the waiting pool through the end of the school year must update their applications for consideration the following school year.

All applicant families are encouraged to contact the school at any time to check on the status of a child’s application.

Sibling ApplicationsSiblings of currently enrolled Bay School students and Bay School alumni must complete applications and will follow the admissions process guidelines. The application fee is waived.

Enrollment DeadlineFamilies whose child(ren) have been admitted and plan to enroll must submit a Bay School Enrollment Contract (included with your acceptance letter) along with a deposit for each enrolled child by June 15th prior to the start of school to secure a place. Families admitted after June 15th should enroll 10 business days from notification.

Conditions of EnrollmentEach newly enrolled student is considered on “conditional enrollment” for the first six weeks of attendance. During this time, the student will have the opportunity to become familiar with the school and the teachers will be able to observe the student’s needs and abilities. At the end of the first six weeks, either the parents or the school may terminate the enrollment contract, based on the terms stated in our Tuition Agreement and Enrollment Contract.

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