The Bay School

Blue Hill, ME

The Waldorf Program

The Bay School's Waldorf curriculum, rich in humanities, sciences, and arts, corresponds both in content and method to the stages of child development as described by Rudolf Steiner. Our work centers on the conviction that the human being has a threefold nature: thinking, feeling, willing; to ensure the full unfolding of the child each of the three capacities must be acknowledged and nurtured.  The holistic program encourages students to think, feel and move in order to discover and value what is intellectual, intuitive, creative and compassionate in themselves and others.

Our core program and general approach to instruction is designed to serve children with a wide variety of learning styles and within the average range of intellectual, emotional and physical needs.  As children develop socially and academically, strengths and challenges are often naturally encountered.  From time to time, however, it becomes clear that a particular child will require special support in order to truly benefit from the program being offered.

Our Educational Support Program is designed to support students encountering significant struggles in our core program.  Through the program, Bay School faculty identify and evaluate student needs and put support plans in place aimed at helping qualifying children with different academic, emotional, or social development requirements succeed.  Depending on the situation, supports may be enacted by the school (adjustments in instruction or accommodations within the classroom, small group skills instruction, etc.), by the child’s parents (hiring a private tutor, occupational therapist, or other service provider, etc.), or a combination of both.

How does it work?

Briefly, when a child appears to have different needs, evidenced by an unusually difficult time with his or her academic work or persistent behavioral and emotional challenges that are impacting success, the class teacher communicates with parents about the concern and convenes a Care Group (parents, Educational Support Coordinator, and class teacher) to explore the issues.  Once there is agreement in the Care Group that further assessment is needed, the parent, the child’s class teacher and/or the Director may request a diagnostic assessment through Union #93.


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