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Affording Private School Education and Tuition Rates

Enrolling in an independent school is an important financial decision no matter a family’s financial resources. We firmly believe that a family’s investment in a child’s elementary education can prove a wise decision whose impact can be experienced long after childhood.

In contracting with enrolling families, the Bay School provides an excellent education to our students, practices responsible fiscal management, and seeks socioeconomic diversity in our school community. We honor this commitment by doing all in our power to offer affordable tuition rates to our families.

Tuition is one part of the School’s income story. The Bay School pursues many different kinds of non-tuition income – capital funds initiatives, annual giving, restricted gifts, program enhancement support, and a major gifts program. Also, there are annual fundraisers whose success relies on parent initiative and support. The Bay School also has an endowment.

Financial AidFamilies may apply for financial aid as a part of the admissions process. The financial aid process follows a strict deadline and is described in “The Admissions Process” handout included in this package. The Director is available to further discuss how financial aid works at the Bay School.

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Sibling DiscountA sibling discount is offered to all families enrolling more than one child. The second (and third etc.) child's tuition is discounted 10% (before supplies fee).


Along with a signed enrollment contract, a deposit secures an admitted student’s place. The deposit is credited to the tuition account and is non-refundable, except in the case of financial assistance applicants. If a family applies for financial assistance and declines to enroll because the amount of the award does not meet their needs, the deposit will be refunded.

Deposits for currently enrolled students are due in February.  

Deposits for admitted students are due according to the following schedule: Families whose child(ren) have been admitted before June 1st and plan to enroll must submit a deposit, along with their Bay School Registration (both through the TADS system) for each enrolling child within 14 days of notification of admittance in order to secure a place. Families admitted after June 1st should enroll within 10 business days from notification.

Tuition PaymentsNine payment months are July through April, except February (when re-enrollment takes place). Payments are due on the 15th day of each month. If payment is not received by the due date, a late fee will be charged by TADS.

Tuition Plans | Academic Year 2019/2020Based on our current tuition schedule, tuition increases 4% each year.

  Tuition Supplies
Balance Payment
per month
1 - 4 11,744.00 275.00 12,019.00 (500.00) 11,519.00 1,279.89
5-8 11,744.00 325.00 12,069.00 (500.00) 11,569.00 1,285.44
5 Mornings 6,165.00 325.00 6,490.00 (300.00) 6,190.00 687.78
5 Mornings 6,165.00 325.00 6,490.00 (300.00) 6,190.00 687.78
4 Mornings 5,727.00 275.00 6,002.00 (300.00) 5,702.00 633.56
3 Mornings 4,845.00 250.00 5,095.00 (300.00) 4,795.00 532.78
3 Afternoon     1,704.00     189.33
4 Afternoon     2,271.00     252.33
5 Afternoon     2,839.00     315.44


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